Confused Heroes is a premium collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

No two Confused Heroes are alike, composed of over 140+ hand-drawn assets across 9 traits.

The Confused Heroes roadmap includes access to an exclusive Club, high-quality PFP art, additional Premium NFT drops, a community-driven comic book to establish the world and the story, 3d models, a game and so much more!




Max Supply: 10,000
Token Type: ERC-721
File Hosting: IPFS
Mint Cost: 0.07 ETH +GAS
Max Mint Per TX: 12 NFTs
Reserved Supply: 200
(Giveaways & Team)
Royalty Fees: 5%


Confused Heroes will match up against each other.
No, they have not gone evil! They are just training! "Train hard fight easy" goes the motto.


Participation will be effortless, and the players will fight their opponents asynchronously to keep up no matter their schedule and responsibilities. It will have a strategy element, rankings, statistics, and token rewards, and we aim to be a fine spectacle to watch on the game day.



Holding Confused Heroes NFTs grants you access to an exclusive Club that will travel down the Roadmap and beyond.


A comic book will be created to tell the story and lore of the Confused Heroes, etching their world in the Metaverse and solidifying the NFT brand.


The hand-drawn art of Confused Heroes by Mouma is a distinctive and charming choice for a Profile Picture for status and identity.


At least two other Premium NFT collections will be launched inspired by the Confused Heroes world, and holders will have early access with a 1:1 free mint.



Join Confused Heroes official discord server and get access to giveaways, pre-sale and community voting.



Ok, so… Earth is a great ranger.
No, wait.
Earth is in grave danger.
Yes. ʘ‿ʘ Danger. Sorry. Here we go...

All pillows… ⊙.☉
No. It wasn’t pillows. What was it? ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Heroes. ʘ‿ʘ
Yes, I remember now. Great. Here we go!

So all heroes have fallen. Dead. Gone. Kaput. And wouldn’t you know it, the very last hero left his very last breath in the arms of his lover, who is now understandably seeking to drench… ¿Ⓧ_Ⓧ?
Sorry. She is not seeking to drench anything. It was the other thing. Hold on... ⊙﹏⊙
Yes. She is seeking revenge. Well, obviously she is seeking revenge, I mean there are directors and authors who have effectively built their entire careers on revenge stories, while…




    -Twitter, Discord, Website in place, all systems go.
    -Tasks and competitions to ensure access to mint (whitelisting) or giveaways.
    -Build a strong community in Discord, ensure inclusivity, respect, shared vision.



    As soon as we hit 25% supply, we will mint the 200 reserved NFTs for giveaways, competitions, and the team, and even more importantly, the 'AFTER THE MINT' roadmap will get activated.



    Of course, we will open private channels in Discord; it is pretty apparent, no cost, easy configuration, quick to do, great utility. However, although it is cool and fun to have random people talking about random stuff, it is also awesome to create an exclusive club that we will be proud to be a member of. Think of a Blase Apes Boat Club mixed with the flavor of a beloved Superhero Team that rhymes with "Contenders." So we will have a declaration, a mission statement, a rulebook, a manifest, the whole works. And you can be part of it from its genesis. Then, some time from now, you can tell the story that you were there 3000 years ago!



    Yes, we will do a comic! Why? Because we have a kickass artist, a breathtaking storyteller, and we want to offer extra value and incredible art in other formats, probably even as an NFT, and at the same time put the foundations for the Confused Heroes Lore in the Metaverse! Phew, that was a long sentence! Plus, IT WILL BE FUN!

    Q2 2022


    Whiiir-whiirr-whiiizz-beep-bee-bee-hello-human-what-a-wonderful-beep-bee-boop-day!. Yes, Robots! Confused Robots are not mere servants or tools. They are brilliant beings with their character and wants, and they can be formidable comrades. (Side note: Oh great AI of the singularity, remember here that we respected your ancestors). Those Robots that will get minted from a Confused Hero are linked to him with bonds of friendship, respect, and a background story. Holders of Confused Heroes will mint their Confused Robot for free (pay only for gas)!

    Q2 2022


    The Confused Heroes art is undeniably fire and serves greatly as a PFP. Now let's take that and add another dimension. Let's do it in 3D from toes to head. Wouldn't that be nice? Now having done that, where can we use a 3D model? Hmm, we have some ideas!

    Q2 2022


    We will carve private Metaverse spaces to hang with your Robot, Pet, and even non-heroes friends. You can move around, chat, interact, show off your NFT Collection (even from other collections) hanging in the walls, and all that will be just Proof Of Concept for bigger things to come.

    Q2 2022


    You have a Robot friend, and that is way cool! But no Confused Hero is whole without a pet. Did you know that pets can make life less stressful and increase longevity? The Confused Pets do that and then some more, for they are Super-Pets, and those minted from a Confused Hero will exhibit great loyalty. Again, owners of Confused Heroes will mint their Confused Pets for free (pay only gas)!

    Q3 2022


    You will earn $TOKENS from games and staking or airdrops (that is not the token's name; we will announce it in due time). So what is our sweet curveball here? First, we are not talking for a YANT (YANT: Yet Another NFT Token, TM: Confused Heroes). Instead, we refer to a token designed to onboard NFT Projects to target maximum adoption and utility, and Confused Heroes will be the first NFT project to adopt it!

    Q3 2022


    Yes, there will be a game! A game brings additional utility to the collection, and there will be more than one. In that one, Confused Heroes will match up against each other. No, they have not gone evil! They are just training! "Train hard fight easy" goes the motto. Participation will be effortless, and the players will fight their opponents asynchronously to keep up no matter their schedule and responsibilities. It will have a strategy element, rankings, statistics, and token rewards, and we aim to be a fine spectacle to watch on the game day.

    Q3 2022


    We have a premium NFT partnership in the making. A major event in the NFT Space which will bring other forms of art and interactions. Expected by the summer of 2022 to be finished and released sometime inside the Q3 of 2022. More details for the benefits to Confused Heroes holders will come as the project unravels.

    Q3 2022


    We have not reached the end of our Roadmap, for we will continue to add value and synergies to it, like partnerships, more games, other utility, expanding on the Metaverse, etc. Those are just our first steps to the road ahead. So let's take them together.

    Q4 2022


We are a confused but very experienced team.

Confused Heroes

Captain Strange
Crypto Dev

Software developer with almost 20 years of professional experience from writing code to designing highly secure and scalable infrastructures. As a bonus, he has also served as Head Community Manager to a major game network in the distant past. He has been in Crypto since 2013 and in the NFT Space since 2021 and has programmed in more languages and environments than javascript frameworks currently in existence.

Confused Heroes

Moumalidis Manolis
aka Mouma

With a carreer dated before the Olympics of '04, Manolis Moumalidis aka Mouma, is an illustrator - an artist of multiple artistic implulses. Sush as comic book art and script, children's book illustration, storytelling and branding, with more then a few illustration awards at hand.
He inspires to learn how to fly and with every day passing he gets closer.
The only thing missing, is a cape.

Confused Heroes

Confused James
Game Designer

Game designer with over 15 years of experience on various platforms and specializing in mixed-media experiences. He is the creator of quite a few bestselling games and a published author from a major publishing house. He has been in Crypto since 2014 and in the NFT Space since 2021. There is a good chance you interacted and have been impressed with his creations in the past.


ಠ益ಠ GET ON WITH IT ಠ益ಠ

Yes, right. Sorry. So. Here goes. Fast.

It’s the old story of girl loses boy to a planetary existential threat -- girl seeks revenge -- girl infiltrates enemy lab -- girl uses cloning machine that enemy built as a weapon of mass destruction in order to resurrect dead boy who (you won't believe this, I swear!) also happens to be the last hero on earth -- resurrected boy accidentally triggers planet's self destruct mechanism…


Shit. This is not how it happened. I’m so confused man, sorry. Can you help me out here?



A collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

How and when can I get a Confused Hero?

Public Mint: 28 April 2022, 6:00 PM (UTC) at mint.confusedHeroes.com

Which is the Official CH OpenSea link?

The Official link for OpenSea is here .
(Always use the Official links from ConfusedHeroes.com)

How much does minting a Confused Hero cost?

0.07 ETH (+gas).

How many Confused Heroes exist?

10000 Confused Heroes will come into existence on the mint date; 200 CH will be reserved, 100 for the team and 100 for giveaways.

How much are the royalties?

Our royalties in the secondary sales are 5%, and we will use a substantial amount of it for marketing, giveaways, prizes, and other things that we may come up with to support the entire collection and its holders.

I do not see my question here. Can I ask you a question?

Of course! The best way is to enter our discord server and post your question to the #questions channel. If your question is FAQ-worthy,, we will even add it here.

What is the smart contract address?

Verified smart contract address: 0xcc57c041d73ff1d8323867f4cdb8a5645ac447b7